North Dakota, USA

Herds of bison roam the protected lands left for them. Without intervention, they'd be gone. Of all the rolling hills I've seen, North Dakota had a different feeling, a different peace, a different texture than the rest of the world. I love experiencing what small corners of this world has to offer. 

Preparedness = SUCCESS!

I went to university in Scotland, and over there they do classes differently. Preparedness is valued, and if you aren't prepared, you receive judgmental glares from a disappointed lecturer who then marks down your paper. Uni exhausted me, but I did learn my lesson.

How I Fix Repetition

Sometimes when I'm writing, I notice that I'm saying the same thing over and over. It's not fun to read. Then I feel like a failure and a crappy writer that no one will ever like or want to publish. So I've come up with a simple method to help.